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Claire Marie Miller
NC LMBT #580
34+ years of experience
Hall of Fame Massage Therapist 2010

Rates (beginning Jan 1, 2013)

  • 60 min: $80
  • 80 min: $95
  • Outcalls: $150

Current Offerings

Pregnancy Massage: 60 min/80 min

Claire is one of the world’s top educators for pregnancy massage, with a style that is nurturing, intuitive, skilled and experienced. Feel relief from low back and hip pain common in many pregnancies. Pregnancy massage can help with edema (fluid in the legs), heartburn, sinus congestion, hemorrhoids and constipation. It is also beneficial for the baby to receive the massage with the increased circulation and less stress hormones from a relaxed mother. You know the old saying “If momma’s not happy, nobody is happy.”

A regular one-hour session is recommended in the first and second trimester and 80 minute sessions in the 3rd trimester, particularly close to the due date.

Pregnancy massage prior to due date will assist in getting labor started and going into the labor deeply relaxed.

Postpartum Massage: 80 min

Postpartum is considered the 4th trimester and is is equally important as the first three. Many women fail to take care of themselves after they deliver their baby. It is understandable that they are focused on taking care of the new addition to the family. Often I tell my clients “this will be your best massage ever, because you need it so much.” The techniques to alleviate nursing neck, the realignment of the hips, repositioning the organs and general deep relaxation go a long way in helping you reclaim yourself and your body. This is a critical period to fully allow your body to heal and re-energize. Ask for this as a gift, it is worth your time to take care of yourself.

Out Call Postpartum Massage is available upon request. Plan for 80 minutes and out-call fees.

Fertility Massage: 80 min (first session is longer @ $145) all other sessions are $95

This very specialized massage is tailored to each client’s needs. At the first session, an assessment of the reproductive health of both partners is discussed. A treatment plan is then suggested to support the optimal environment for conception. The work is gentle, cleansing, and balancing. It includes Cranial Sacral holds, castor oil packs, fertile feet reflexology, deep pelvic techniques, uterus re-alignment and shiatsu points. Special therapeutic grade essential oils, designed for hormonal stimulation and balance are used in the session, specific for each gender.

Claire has trained over a 100 students and has a DVD of the fertility massage protocol. To date most of the students report 60-80% success rate. Claire clients have had a 80% success rate for those reporting back with a positive pregnancy.

This session is best timed between menstruation and ovulation. It may be used up to the IUI (intra uterine insemination) or the IVF (invitro fertilization). If clomid and progesterone are being used the fertility massage session follows the menstrual cycle and may be performed several times up to ovulation.

Integrative Reflexology: $80

Receive Claire’s internationally renowned reflexology method from the creator herself. Claire will therapeutically massage all your reflexology points, as well as related organs and structures of the body. This one-hour session includes a foot bath and the application of luscious Sweet Feet cream (Shea butter and castor oil) to leave your feet feeling soft and energized. Specific needs of each client are addressed in each session.


Hot Rockin Reflexology and Sweet Feet Aromatherapy: $95

Claire takes the reflexology session to pure bliss with aromatherapy, hot rocks and therapeutic quality reflexology. I love to give and receive this when the weather is cooler.

Allow time to deepen the relaxation after the session with a cup of herbal tea.

Lymphatic Massage: $95

Get ready to clean out, gently and this can help jump-start a weight loss program.

This session is 80 minutes to clear the large/small intestines, move the lymph system, and tune up the organs of detox – liver, spleen and immune system boost. Autoimmune conditions that are not in an inflamed state will benefit greatly from this powerful detox session. This is also excellent to do prior to conceiving for both the female and male partners.

Maya Abdominal Massage: $125

Claire is a professional level trained Maya Abdominal Massage Therapist. This extensive course of study was with Rosita Arvigo, who trained with the last Mayan medicine man on the planet. The work is highly beneficial for those with fertility challenges, digestive complaints and lower back discomforts. The technique is deeply healing and focuses on the abdomen and back.

Deep Swedish Massage: 60 min or 80 min

This is a full body massage with oil. The deeply relaxing effleurage stroke is used to release and relax tight muscles. Claire has perfected this simple yet powerful massage over her 34+ years as a massage therapist.

Newborn and Infant Massage Instruction: private $50 group $35

Claire has massaged all three of her children as infants and continues to give them massages as adults. It is an excellent way to stay in touch. Her formal training for this form of massage was from Teresa Kirkpatrick Ramsey, creator and founder of Baby’s First Massage. Claire will teach this in a 1-2 hour session. You will learn both newborn massage and infant massage. The abdominal strokes will often relieve colic. It is reported that babies sleep better after receiving this massage. The immune system boost is another added bonus. Claire’s philosophy of keeping the infant massage simple, with simple strokes and abbreviated time works well for a new mother/father/family.

Group classes are offered at the Hillsborough Yoga Center and Healing Arts. (919) 732-3051
Private and Group Classes available upon request.