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Claire Marie Miller’s pioneering work with pregnancy, postpartum, labor, fertility, and infant massage was born out of personal experience and her passion for the creative process of birth and healing.  In the 1980’s Claire gave birth to three children naturally; two in the comfort of her home, one of which was born using the underwater birth model.  Claire’s midwife, Kate, was so inspired by the effects of massage during labor that she began to refer all of her patients to Claire for pregnancy and labor massage. In 1990, Claire created her foundational course, Nurturing the Mother to bring her deep wisdom and experience to massage therapists throughout the country.

Claire Marie Miller has been involved with the health profession since 1974 when she began work as a radiologic technician. This inside view of the body was the foundation for Claire’s later developments in massage therapy.  In 1979, Claire graduated with honors from the Boulder School of Massage Therapy, a school that was voted the Massage School of the Year by the Massage Therapy Hall of Fame.

Claire’s style of teaching is inspiring, wholesome and brings both well-tested techniques and the latest in innovation.   Her students often comment on her ability to transfer knowledge to others, said one student “Claire has much wisdom to offer any who is willing to learn. Her compassion and knowledge is outstanding.”  The magic has happened where during the course of a weekend workshop a student or client has gone into labor and delivered naturally. In addition, Claire has created The Fertility Massage Specialist training that has come of a demonstration model where students and their clients have conceived within hours and days of receiving the deep, cleansing, and therapeutic session. 

With a desire to expand her workshop offerings, Claire introduced the innovative method and workshop Bring the Feet to Life with Integrative Reflexology in 1993 as both a seminar and a certification. This method developed into what is now called Integrative Reflexology. Integrative Reflexology is a four-theory approach that was created out of the evolving theories for stimulating the reflexology points on the feet and hands. The four theories are focused on structural alignment, zones, meridians (path through which the life-energy flows in traditional Chinese medicine) and psychoneuroimmunology (how the mind and emotions effect the nervous system and immune system, and vice versa).

Today Claire has trained and mentors a great number of students; this includes more than 10 instructors who teach in 20 states throughout the country.  She was inducted into the 2010 Massage Hall of Fame, recognized for her leadership in the massage therapy industry.  She is still in private practice today and has been a Certified Massage Therapist since 1979 and nationally certified since 1994. 

NC LMBT #580

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