Latissa Graham

Latissa has been a Licenced Massage Therapist for 7 years and her own private practice in her home, working mostly with clients who suffer from chronic pain and injuries, as well as those expecting or recently postpartum. Latissa is also a Certified Hypnodoula. She has worked on many pregnant and postpartum women who have benefited from her massage and doula services. She is a mother of two boys and two girls, and took Lauralyn Curtis’ Curtis Method Hypnobirthing class and had a wonderful birth utilizing those techniques. She believes in empowering women with the knowledge of all the many options available to the pregnant mother; that touch is vital to healing, and is incredibly powerful in aiding relaxation and alleviating pain and discomfort. Latissa has had the privilege of attending all kinds of births, home, hospital, natural, epidural and cesarean section. She’s grateful for the experience in assisting in all births, and supporting the mother in any choice she makes.

“On a physiological level, our bodies change so drastically so quickly as we go through the process of bringing a baby into this world, it is no wonder we are met with a variety of aches and pains, and that our bodies can feel foreign to us. Our ligaments, joints, muscles and skin are all being pulled and stretched and strained, and we experience an imbalance between them all. It is important to help the body transition, and relax, and strengthen what is weak and tired so that we can relieve the pain caused from the imbalance. Touch is very powerful. The right touch can be the ultimate healer, more powerful than any drug. It can be the difference between life and death. Truthfully, we cannot live without touch. No drug can substitute it. I see dramatic, real life changes in my client’s quality of life every day, and they are healthier inside and out. It only makes sense to use massage during the most physically challenging and changing experience we will ever go through.” – Latissa Graham

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